For 2024…

…we're coming stronger for you!🌐

🤨 What?

If your goal is to learn Python and how it applies to data engineering and analytics scenarios for 2024, my goal is to help you with that.

For 2024, I’ll be prioritizing more video content to show you multiple ways to use Python (as well as Spark & SQL) to show you

  • How to design and build data pipelines, products, warehouses (and even infrastructures

  • How to test and deploy them from sandbox, dev environments to production ones using CI/CD pipelines

  • Best practices and recommended methodologies

🤔 How?

All this will be done using

  • clear, plain language that is easy to follow (no jargon so you can get the info you need and leave the rest)

  • diagrams and infographics (for visual-based learners)

  • Code examples (that are simple to understand and follow, of course)

And this is all going to be on YouTube and TikTok moving forward, which I’ve only just started posting on (as of December 2023) -

  1. Youtube

Here are some examples of what’s currently there:

  1. TikTok

… but we’re not stopping at shorts at all.

Long-form content to break down these concepts (and more) into granular, digestible pieces is coming your way.

Feel free to let me know if you would like me to cover anything that would help your learning experience or career trajectory!

Have a look at the content currently on there to get a feel of what’s to come.

We’re coming bigger and better in 2024, so stay tuned and remain blessed! 🌐✨